Costco Tire Warranty [How It Works and What It Covers]

When you think of tires, one of the first brands that come to mind is Costco. Costco has long been a dependable tire supplier. And the Costco tire warranty is one of their best attractions.

Costco provides a 5-year warranty on all tires they sell. This guarantee applies to all passenger and performance tires. Customers are protected by a warranty from Costco against tire failure and treadwear damage. As a result, the company will repair or replace damaged tires that occur during normal vehicle operations.

According to a survey performed by, a consumer website, Costco was the best tire vendor among 50,000 customers who recently purchased tires. Customers who have a Costco tire warranty can get replacement tires based on how much tread is left on their current tires. Also, Costco provides replacements in the form of store credit.

Read on to know more about Costco’s tire warranty, how it works, including how it works, its parameters, pricing, and other important information.

Costco Tire Warranty

costco tire warranty

On the tires that Costco sells, the company offers a 5-year warranty to its consumers. The following types of tires are covered under this warranty:

  • Light truck, 
  • Passenger, and
  • Performance tires.

This warranty covers tire buyers against tread damage and tire failure during daily driving.

Tire replacements at Costco are paid for with credit toward future purchases. The warranty is determined by the tread left on the tire. This isn’t the only service Costco offers to its consumers.

It also has amazing deals on maintenance and warranties, as well as other items that a consumer might need once they leave the parking lot. And according to a poll conducted by, almost 50,000 people regard Costco to be a top tire center.

How Costco Tire Warranty Works

Costco’s tire guarantee is in accordance with the company’s regulations. The 5-year warranty from Costco comes with some restrictions. Before a customer’s warranty can take effect, they must meet certain requirements.

To be eligible for a Costco tire warranty, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You were the one who originally bought the tires.
  • The tires were purchased at Costco Wholesale.
  • You should return the tires to a Costco Wholesale Tire Center with the original purchase or sales receipt.

Conditions of Costco Tire Warranty

For the Costco warranty to take effect, you must also meet the following requirements:

  • The manufacturer’s recommended inflation pressure for your tires should be used.
  • Have the tires balanced and rotated according to the car manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Keep all mechanical parts that affect the tires in good functioning order at all times.
  • A “Costco Wholesale Tire Adjustment” form must be signed.

Costco Tire Warranty & Coverage

The 5-year warranty from Costco has several limitations. There are some things this warrant covers and some things that aren’t included:

What Does the Costco Tire Warranty Cover?

  • The warranty covers failures in light trucks, performance, and passenger tires due to road hazards;
  • A tire that has been rendered unserviceable due to impact damage, non-repairable punctures, or cuts is referred to as a road hazard failure. Costco Wholesale will repair tread-face injuries in accordance with the United States Tire Manufacturers Association’s set guidelines;
  • When a tire fails due to road hazards, the warranty offers credit based on the remaining useable tread;
  • The tire’s initial tread minus 1.6 mm or 2/32 in. is referred to as usable tread;
  • You can figure out how much credit you’ll get by multiplying the useful remaining tread by the total cost of the tire, including all discounts;
  • Regardless of age, the warranty lasts up to 60 months or five years from the day you purchased the tires or until the residual tread depth is 1.6 mm or 2/32 in. or less, whichever comes first. If the tread depth on the tire is less than 1.6 mm or 3/21 in., Costco will consider it worn out. It will no longer be subject to the warranty; and
  • The warranty is a pledge to provide a pro-rated credit toward the purchase of replacement tires under certain conditions. It does not imply that the tires you purchased from Costco met particular requirements or would not fail. The warranty does not modify or replace any workmanship or material warranties provided by the original tire manufacturer.

The Cases That Are Not Covered by Costco Tire Warranty

  • Accident-damaged tires
  • Racing-related tire failure
  • Mechanical parts of the car that are improperly set, worn, or unmaintained
  • Tires that have been vandalized
  • Tires for commercial vehicles
  • Tires that wear quickly or irregularly
  • A tire that has been damaged as a result of using snow chains or studs.
  • Tires used for off-roading
  • You’re not the original tire owner
  • Inconvenience, loss of vehicle use, consequential harm, or time loss, to the extent prohibited by law

Costco Tire Prices Versus Other Dealers of Tires

tire warranty costco

How do Costco’s tire costs compare to those offered by other tire retailers?

The following are some figures that demonstrate how much cheaper tires are at Costco than at other tire retailers:

Big O Tires

In this tire shop, a brand new Michelin Defender LTX tire costs around $226.25. The total cost of all four tires will be $905. But the total cost is $965, including the $60 installation fee.


At Walmart, a brand new Michelin Defender LTX tire costs roughly $203.99. You must include in the cost of installation, which is approximately $15 per tire. A total of $815.96 will be spent on four tires, each costing $203.99. Then there’s the $60 installation fee, so the total amount will be $875.96.

America’s Tire

At America’s Tire, a brand new Michelin Defender LTX tire costs $204, and four tires cost $816. The cost of installation at this tire shop is around $80, plus a $10 disposal fee. When you add them all up, you’ll come up with a total of $906.


A brand new Michelin Defender LTX tire costs $186.49 at Costco. The total cost of four tires is $745.96. This tire center charges $15 for one tire installation plus a $2.99 service fee per tire. The installation fee for four tires is $71.96. The total cost will be $817.92.

Costco’s price looks to have beaten the prices of its three competitors, as shown in the figures above.

  • The cost of four new Michelin Defender LTX tires is $58.04 less than the total cost of $875.96 at Walmart.
  • The total cost of four new Michelin Defender LTX tires is $147.08 less than Big O Tires’ total cost of $965.96.
  • Four new Michelin Defender LTX tires cost $88.08 less than the total price of $906.00 at America’s Tire.

These figures only suggest one thing: buying tires at Costco Wholesale can save you a lot of money on average.

Costco Tires – Advantages

There are various advantages to purchasing tires from Costco. It makes no difference whether you purchase from one of their local brick-and-mortar stores or from an online store.

Costco tires have the following key advantages:

1. Free Maintenance

When purchasing tires, you should think about warranties and maintenance costs. Costco provides free lifetime maintenance on the tires you purchase, in addition to the 5-year road hazard warranty. Here, you’ll find flat repairs, tire rotations, tire inflation checks, and tire balancing. With this arrangement, you will be able to save a lot of money.

2. Special Tire Installation

Before installing your tires, most tire service centers will fill them with standard compressed air. Your tires will be pumped using nitrogen rather than compressed air at Costco. Nitrogen in tires does very well.

Nitrogen is more effective than compressed air at maintaining tire pressure over time. This has the potential to extend the life of your tires. Nitrogen will help improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. There will be less moisture within your tires if you use nitrogen to inflate them. As a result, the wheels will be less corroded.

Additionally, whenever you have your tires installed at a Costco tire service shop, the staff will replace the rubber stems as well. If you require a more customized arrangement, the crew can install tire pressure monitoring valve stems for a fee.

3. Road Hazard Warranty for 5 Years

The usual 5-year road hazard warranty will be provided once you purchase your tires at Costco. You’ll be able to leave the tire shop with confidence, knowing that your tires are completely covered by this warranty.

If your tires are damaged during regular legal vehicle operation, Costco is required to fix or replace them under this warranty. However, you must preserve your original tire purchase receipt. If you’re filing a warranty claim, you’ll need to provide this receipt to the tire shop.

4. Cost-effective

At Costco, four tires cost roughly $166 on average. At $167, some individual vendors sell them for a little more. TireBuyer charges around $147 for a set of four tires. Four tires will set you back roughly $124 on Amazon.

While the four tires at these two online stores are less expensive, they do not include the added lifetime services offered by Costco to its tire customers. Every time you have your tires fixed or replaced, you will incur additional costs for tire balancing, rotation, and even a basic tire pressure check.

Costco Tires – Disadvantages

costco tire warranty coverage

While there are some benefits to purchasing tires at Costco, you should also consider the drawbacks. This will assist you in making a more informed purchasing decision. Here are a few of the disadvantages:

1. Not the Most AffordableTires

Costco tires are, without a doubt, quite reasonably priced. However, you can find the same tires at a lesser price on other online stores. But, as previously stated, while other stores’ prices are lower, they don’t include the lifetime free tire maintenance services provided by Costco to its tire consumers.

2. Bad Service Quality

Although this is not true in all Costco tire centers, they do deliver poor service. When a consumer purchased Michelin tires at Costco, they had this experience. They went in for a normal tire rotation after a few months. Costco gave them the excellent service that they deserved.

They waited a long time to be serviced, the tire center misplaced their car keys, and no reminder sticker was handed to them. That prompted the customer to question the tire rotation performed by the tire center.

3. Uses Left Over Inventory for Replacement

Costco’s tires, according to some consumer experts, are pulled from leftover inventory. Experts suggest that these tires are the most prone to wear.

How to Get the Best Deal at Costco

Costco has the finest tire deals in town. However, if you keep an eye on their promotional sales, you can make it even better. This tire center will occasionally provide special discounts on selected tires. And at specific times of the year, they can reduce the standard tire pricing of specific brands by $70 to $80.

Plus, to sweeten the deal, their tire installation fees will be one penny per tire. If you keep an eye on their discount sales, you can save a lot of money. Don’t be too picky about the tire brand if you want to take advantage of these special promotional times.

Conclusion – Coverage of Costco Tire Warranty

Costco provides a 5-year warranty to vehicle owners who purchase tires. This warranty applies to all passenger and performance tires. The warranty is provided by Costco to safeguard its tire customers from tire failure and tread wear. If a tire is damaged during normal vehicle operation, the company will repair or replace it.

To help you determine whether or not to buy your tires from Costco, we’ve highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of Costco tires below:


  1. Free Maintenance
  2. Special Tire Installation
  3. Road Hazard Warranty for 5 Years
  4. Cost-effective


  1. Not the Most Affordable Tires
  2. Bad Service Quality
  3. Uses Left Over Inventory for Replacement