Dodge Camper Van Specs and Review

As van life attracts more enthusiasts, many people are going into Dodge camper van conversions. The new Dodge Ram ProMaster has quickly become one of the most popular vans among van-lifers.

The Dodge ProMaster or Dodge Ram are considered ideal vans for conversion by custom camper van companies. This is attributed to its large size, maneuverability, durability, and versatility. Customers’ desired amenities and features are added by conversion companies.

The Dodge camper van, as a Class B motorhome, is smaller than Class A and Class C motorhomes but larger and taller than most standard vans.

The following features are usually included in the conversion package:

  • Kitchen
  • Dinette
  • Bathroom
  • Bed
  • Storage space 

Read on to know more about the Dodge Ram camper van, including its specifications, features, pros, cons, and essential maintenance tips.

The Dodge Camper Van

dodge camper van

Dodge camper vans are quickly gaining popularity as one of the most versatile vans for conversion.

A full campervan kitchen with a 12-volt refrigerator, a stainless-steel sink, drawers, and cabinets is common among custom camper van builders. There’s plenty of storage space as well.

A solar setup, full-sized Murphy bed, storage cabinets/benches, solid natural walls, and a detachable table may all be included in the Dodge camper van.

The following are some of the reasons why the Dodge ProMaster van is one of the top camper vans you can buy:

  1. Widebody allows for an additional sleeping area.
  2. It’s easier to maneuver with its front-wheel drive.
  3. Built to last and suitable for every season.
  4. Unlike many other camper vans, this one is reasonably priced.

You can pick from three load changes and three lengths: 1500, 2500, 3500, & the 3500 Maxi wagon. Nonetheless, the Dodge Ram or Dodge ProMaster van, which measures 16 to 22 feet, is the most popular.

Dodge Camper Van – Features and Specifications

1. Dimensions

The Dodge camper van is available in sizes ranging from 16 to 22 ft. Most vans have a height of 5’6″ and a width of 6’3″.

2. Drivetrain or Engine

Because Dodge camper vans were customized from the Dodge Ram ProMaster, the van’s engine would be a Ram engine. For the 1500 and 2500 series, the base engine is a 3.9L V6 with 295 ft. lb. torque.

The 5.9L engine with 335 ft-lb of torque can also be used. A 32-gal or 35-gal gas tank can be used in the 109-inch wheelbase vans. The V6 is equipped with an automatic 3-speed transmission. The V8’s transmission, on the other hand, is an automated 4-speed transmission.

3. Wheels / Tires

Chrome, steel, aluminum alloy, machined, or silver paint wheels are available for the Dodge Ram camper van. P235/75R15 with a 15” rim is the most common wheel size. The specs differ depending on the van’s model year.

4. Exterior

Your Dodge camper van’s exterior will be determined by your preferences. Do you want an outdoor shower or a rooftop deck?

What about racks for bikes or surfboards in the back of the van? You must inform the van conversion company of exactly what you require. And it’s important to remember that the things you want should fit within the van’s size.

5. Brakes

The brakes on the Dodge camper van feature a rear-wheel anti-lock braking system, but you can also upgrade to four-wheel braking.

6. Lighting

The lighting system of the Dodge ProMaster uses incandescent lights and is controlled by the Body Control Module (BCM).

The BCM independently regulates the van’s numerous lightings. Left and right headlights, front and rear running lights, DRL, front-rear turn signals, reverse lights, and brake lights are all available.

The system can detect bulb failures and electrical shorts as well as monitor amperage. This dependable feature will let you determine whether your lights are functioning properly.

If you wish to use LED lighting, you’ll need to take extra steps to guarantee that the lights don’t lose their functionality.

7. Unique Features

The unique features of your Dodge camper van will depend on what you have ordered from the camper van builder.

The following are some unique features you can include:

  • Retractable table / bed
  • LED-illuminated running board
  • Climate Control
  • Hardwood drawers / cabinets
  • Wardrobe
  • Water filtration
  • Drinking water storage
  • Gray & black water storage
  • Refrigerator / freezer
  • Full shower w/ hot & cold water
  • Information / entertainment station center
  • High-tap faucet
  • Cooking equipment
  • Adequate insulation
  • Oven / propane cooktop
  • Sink / cutting board
  • Swivel seats
  • Air conditioner 
  • Battery charger

8. Ignition

The ignition in the camper van is an electrical ignition that is activated by the suitable ignition key. Chrysler recalled 16,114 full-size vans in 2015 due to intermittent ignition switch contact failure.

All of the malfunctioning vehicles’ ignition switch block contacts were replaced, and the company made sure that the same thing didn’t happen again. [1]

9. Dodge Camper Van Top Speed

You might drive your Dodge camper van at 50-60 miles per hour for added safety. On interstates, some drivers have gone as fast as 65 miles per hour.

But remember, every state has its own set of laws regulating camper van speeds on major highways. Before attempting to drive in a specific state, you must be aware of the restrictions.

A wonderful Dodge camper van review (ProMaster 3500), which looks at the major specs and features, can be found below:

Dodge Camper Van – Pros and Cons


1. Easy to Maneuver

dodge ram camper van

Because of its front-wheel drive and small size, the camper van is easy to manage. And since the van is smaller than typical trailers, it will fit easily in your garage or standard parking areas.

2. Uncomplicated Set-Up

There’s no need to set up any complex tents or structures. You only need to open the door, and you’re ready to go. Also, camper vans require fewer preparations and maybe parked almost anyplace.

3. Enough Wide Comfortable Space

A Dodge camper van can give a more comfortable sleeping environment than a tent.

You can relax and unwind while being surrounded by a homey atmosphere. There is enough room to have fun and adventure while traveling and doing what you love.

4. Best for Small Groups or Families

The Dodge camper van could adequately accommodate small groups or families. Short trips are also recommended for this camper. It is, however, suitable for long travels for only two to four persons. Some folks even made their camper vans their permanent home.

5. More Affordable

Other models with almost identical specifications, such as the Transit and Sprinter, are more expensive than the Dodge camper van. So if you only need the bare essentials in your camper van, the price may be considerably lower.


1. It’s More Expensive than Standard Models

It’s understandable that your Dodge camper van is more expensive than the standard ones. The cost of the camper van varies from $60,000 to $150,000.

You might get a used camper for $1,500 or less, but prepare to go to the mechanic frequently. And your engine may fail in the middle of nowhere, requiring hundreds of dollars in towing and repair. Buying a newly converted camper van is thus the best option.

2. Sleeping Capacity Is Limited Capacity

Although your Dodge camper van may hold up to fifteen people, your bed may only be big enough for two adults. This is why the Dodge camper van is ideal for two to four-person families.

If you have a big family, larger camper vans will be needed to accommodate everyone. A camper trailer might also suffice.

Ram ProMaster – Who Makes It?

The Ram ProMaster was sold in North America with the Fiat Ducato cargo van design. After that, Daimler stopped producing the Dodge Sprinter in 2008.

From 1970 through 2003, Chrysler Corporation built the Dodge B series. The Dodge Sprinter, which Mercedes-Benz built, was unveiled by Daimler Chrysler in 2003. The B-platform van was Chrysler’s last full-size van design.

Ram Trucks currently sells the Ram ProMaster, a rebadged Fiat Ducato.

What’s the Best Camper Van for Van Life?

Four vans are recommended by travelers as the best for van living. They are as follows: 

  1. Dodge ProMaster
  2. Mercedes Sprinter
  3. Nissan NV Cargo
  4. Ford Transit

Choose a van that is tall enough to let you stand straight but short enough (no more than 20 feet) to allow you to park correctly.

The Dodge ProMaster is a more affordable option than the Sprinter and Transit. However, it is possible that the conversions will be nearly identical.

Dodge Ram ProMaster Camper Vans: How Long Do They Last?

The typical ProMaster camper van could run between 200,000 and 250,000 miles. Other drivers claimed their Ram had covered 475,000 miles. A well-maintained camper van will, of course, endure longer than one that isn’t. As a result, make sure your Dodge camper van is inspected on a regular basis.

Dodge Camper Van Maintenance Tips

1. Maintain Your Camper Van on a Regular Basis

Before each trip, you should check your camper. Check your brakes, tires, and supplies to see if you have enough for your journey. Maintain your camper on a monthly basis to guarantee you haven’t overlooked any minor repairs.

Pay careful attention to the doors, as some owners have reported issues with the Dodge Ram’s door locks. You might want to inquire about pre-scheduled maintenance dates with your conversion company. Remember to keep these dates in mind.

However, if issues arise before the regular maintenance, you must take your Dodge camper van to a mechanic right away.

2. Off-Roading? Select an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle

dodge ram van camper review

When going off-road, you should choose an all-wheel-drive van. This vehicle is safer on bumpy roads, yet it can also be driven smoothly on paved routes.

3. Your Engine Oil and Other Fluids Require Regular Maintenance

Brake fluid, motor oil, wiper fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant should all be topped up on a regular basis.

Make sure they’re clean and that the oils are changed as needed. Every 60,000 miles, you should change your motor oil, transmission fluid, and filter. Inspect your coolant at least once a month.

4. Inspect the Sliding or Retractable Parts of the Camper Van

Check the sliding or retractable parts of the van. You can oil the hinges on a monthly basis to ensure that they open and close smoothly.

5. Every 6 Months, Change Your Windshield Wipers

The windshield on your Dodge camper van can easily become dry and brittle. Therefore, you must change them every 6 months. When your windshield wipers squeak or quit working, you know they’re not functioning properly.

6. Every Month, Realign the Wheels of Your Dodge Camper Van

To make sure that your camper van’s wheels do not drift to the right or left after hitting curbs, potholes, or bumps, you must perform an all-wheel realignment once a month. You should also rotate the tires to ensure that they are in good working order.

7. Inspect the Other Parts of Your Van Once a Month

Monthly assessments are required for the following:

  • Coolant level
  • A/T fluid
  • Tire wear / tire pressure
  • Levels of engine oil
  • Levels of windshield washer fluid
  • Levels of brake master cylinder fluid
  • All exterior interior and interior lights

You must check that all of these parts are in good working order and that parts that contain fluids have enough fluid.

Conclusion – The Dodge Ram Camper Van Review and Specs

Converting a Dodge ProMaster or Dodge Ram to a camper van is becoming increasingly popular as more individuals opt for the van life.

The Dodge Ram is one of the best vans to convert into a camper van, according to custom camper van makers. The reason for this is because the front-wheel-drive vehicle is easy to maneuver. The van is also tough, has a wide body, and can be driven in every season.

Additionally, conversion companies find it easy to include some customer-requested amenities. This convenience is due to the Dodge camper van’s smaller size as compared to Class A motorhomes.

Also, because the Dodge Ram is taller and bigger than other vans, it is perfect for conversion into camper vans.

The following are some of the basic features included in the conversion package:

  • Kitchen
  • Dinette
  • Bathroom
  • Bed
  • Storage space

Here’s a rundown of the Dodge camper van maintenance tips to help you remember them:

  • Maintain your camper van on a regular basis.
  • Choose an all-wheel-drive vehicle if you intend to go off-roading.
  • Your engine oil and other fluids require regular maintenance.
  • Examine the sliding parts of the camper van.
  • Every six months, replace the windshield wipers.
  • Every month, realign the wheels of your Dodge camper van.
  • Inspect the rest of your van’s parts once a month.