Mazda FL22 Coolant Review [and the Best FL22 Equivalent]

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A coolant keeps an engine from overheating and freezing. It reduces wear and saves money on repairs. While there are many options, the Mazda FL22 coolant is one that you might want to consider.

The Mazda FL22 coolant is a pre-diluted solution with a 55 percent concentration. It has a freezing point of -43 degrees Celsius and a boiling point of 132 degrees Celsius. It’s a pre-mixed combination of water and ethylene glycol in equal parts.

Read on to know more about the Mazda FL22 coolant and its specifications.

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1. Ravenol J4D2092 HJC FL22 Coolant Antifreeze Concentrate

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2. Zerex Asian Vehicle Antifreeze Coolant

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The Mazda FL22 Coolant

fl22 coolant

Although the Mazda FL22 coolant is not the most popular, it is a high-quality product. This is a great choice, especially if you own a Mazda vehicle. It is meant to last and has the necessary ingredients to preserve your engine and keep it performing at its best.

For more on the Mazda FL22 engine coolant, see the article on Mazda FL22 Coolant Review [and the Best FL22 Equivalent]

The coolant we’ll be discussing in this short review is classified as a Type FL22. It’s an ethylene glycol coolant with an extended shelf life. It comes in a pre-mixed formula with deionized water:

1. Freezing Point

0°C (32°F) is the freezing point of water. The Mazda FL22 coolant, on the other hand, has a freezing point of -43° C. This means that the coolant will not freeze until it reaches a freezing temperature. When this happens, the engine becomes difficult to start, limiting its performance.

2. Boiling Point

100°C (212°F) is the boiling point of water. The engine overheats once it reaches this temperature, reducing its performance. The boiling point of the Mazda FL22 coolant is 135°C. It provides improved cooling capacity to keep the engine operating at peak performance.

3. Compatibility

The Mazda FL22 coolant is compatible with a wide range of Mazda vehicles. They’re compatible with the Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda Speed 3, including the Mazda 5, Mazda 6, Mazda CX-3, CX-5, CX-7, CX-9, and RX-8, among other Mazda models.

4. Base Fluids

The base is a mixture of water and ethylene glycol, like with many other coolants. The latter is a clear, viscous fluid, which reacts with ethylene oxide in water. It’s also found in a lot of deicing solutions. It is significantly responsible for the antifreeze’s fundamental purpose, which is to prevent overheating and freezing.

Mazda FL22 Coolant – Pros and Cons

Is the Mazda FL22 coolant a good choice? Let’s quickly assess the pros and cons to help you decide:


  • It’s a Pre-mixed Solution: The ease of use of this coolant is one of its most appealing aspects. It’s a 50-50 mixture of water and ethylene glycol. This implies you won’t have to mix your own coolant. You don’t have to second-guess before using it.
  • Protects Against Corrosion and Rust: This coolant includes corrosion-prevention properties in addition to preventing overheating and freezing. This helps to extend the cooling system’s functional life.
  • Silicates Are Not Present: This antifreeze is made with high-quality ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness. It’s silicate-free, which means it won’t harm the engine’s rubber components. This will help prevent premature wear.


  • Availability: This isn’t one of the most widely used coolants on the market. Therefore, finding it these days might be quite difficult. Even online reviews are limited, making it difficult to learn from other people’s real-life experiences.
  • Pretty Expensive: For some buyers, the price of this coolant may be an issue. While it is a little pricey, it is justified. Aside from being manufactured by a reputed company, it utilizes high-quality ingredients and provides superior effectiveness. But with all of its advantages, this antifreeze is well worth the money.

FAQs – Mazda FL22 Coolant

mazda fl22 coolant review

Do you have questions concerning the Mazda FL22 coolant? Some of them will be answered below:

What Color Is the Mazda FL22 Coolant?

This coolant is green in color. Coolants come in a variety of colors, depending on the main ingredient or type of coolant used.

When Should the Mazda FL22 Coolant Be Replaced?

In the case of older models, the manufacturer suggests replacing the coolant every 60,000 miles or 5 years, whichever comes first. It is a good idea to put a sticker on the reserve tank to mark the date you changed the coolant. This makes it simple to determine when the coolant needs to be replaced.

Are There Any Harmful Ingredients in the Mazda FL22? 

Yes, this coolant contains hazardous ingredients. It contains ethylene glycol, which might be harmful. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes. In the event of an unintentional contact, immediately rinse with water. If a substance is swallowed, seek emergency medical attention. Only use the coolant in a well-ventilated area.

How Can the Mazda FL22 Coolant Be Safely Stored? 

Keep the coolant somewhere cool, dry, and dark. Also, keep it away from any flammable materials or sources of ignition. After each use, tighten the lid.

Can Mazda FL22 Be Mixed with Other Coolants?

Color changes can occur when you mix coolants. When an orange coolant is mixed with the Mazda FL22, the resulting color is black. So, it’s best to avoid mixing different types of coolant for the best outcomes. When you mix coolants, it can also clog radiators leading to gelling, which limits the engine’s performance.

Will It Void the Warranty on My Car? 

Mazda makes this coolant, so don’t worry if you have a Mazda car because using this coolant won’t void the warranty. But for other car brands, make sure to check with the manufacturer.

Best Equivalents to the Mazda FL22 Coolant

It’s difficult to find the Mazda FL22 coolant. You can no longer find this product in many online stores. But if you’re looking for other options, below are some alternatives that you might want to consider:

1. Ravenol J4D2092 HJC FL22 Coolant Antifreeze Concentrate 

This Mazda FL22 equivalent is compatible with the engines of different vehicle brands, such as Mazda, Hyundai, Nissan, Suzuki, and Ford, among others:

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Similar to the Mazda FL22, the Ravenol J4D2092 also contains ethylene glycol and is free from silicates. Aside from being an antifreeze, this coolant doubles as an inhibitor to rust.

Its only difference is that it’s a concentrate. Adding water is required because it’s not a ready-mix solution. It’s also more economical.

2. Zerex Asian Vehicle Antifreeze Coolant 

The Zerex Asian Vehicle Antifreeze Coolant is another excellent FL22 coolant equivalent:

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Just like Mazda FL22, it’s in a ready-to-use formulation, so there’s no need for dilution before application. And it’s free from silicate and borate with its hybrid organic acid technology formula.

The manufacturer guarantees its effectiveness for 5 years or 150,000 miles. Remember that it’s intended for Asian vehicles only, as the name implies.

3. Pentosin Pentofrost A2 Coolant 

This coolant has a full-strength formula, unlike the Mazda FL22. Thus, it needs water for pre-mixing before filling. It doesn’t contain silicate, borate, and nitrite, among other harmful chemicals.

4. Peak Global Lifetime Antifreeze & Coolant 

One advantage of this coolant is that it guarantees lifetime protection due to its organic acid technology, making it worth your money. It’s indeed a great Mazda FL22 equivalent.

Also, it features exclusive inhibitors that assure superior protection on all American, European, and Asian-made vehicles.

This coolant does not contain phosphates and silicates, making it safe to use on the cooling system or sensitive engine parts.

5. Ford Motorcraft Specialty Engine Coolant 

The same as that of the Mazda FL22, this coolant has a green color. Its main ingredient is ethylene glycol. Plus, it’s in a 50-50 formula, so mixing isn’t required. Its freeze protection is up to -36.7°C or -34°F, while its boiling protection is up to 129°C or 265°F.

Engine Coolant – What Is It?

fl22 coolant mazda engine

So, what exactly is a coolant? And does your Mazda need a coolant?

Antifreeze or coolant is vital for maintaining your vehicle’s peak performance in spite of external conditions. This liquid runs on the engine in order to lubricate the moving parts. Different components, such as the cylinder, head gasket, and water pump, are protected against damage.

Most engine coolants also have the same composition, regardless of brand. They’re often made by combining 50 percent ethylene glycol and 50 percent water. But propylene glycol is used instead of ethylene glycol as the base material if the coolant is used for industrial applications.

Glycol’s main function in a coolant is to act as an antifreeze. So, it makes sure that the fluid won’t boil in extremely hot temperatures and won’t freeze in extremely cold ones. Plus, it stabilizes the temperature of your engine. This property is very important when experiencing fluctuating temperatures during a long drive.

Conclusion – Mazda FL22 Coolant

The Mazda FL22 is an excellent and high-quality coolant that protects the engine against premature wear. It ensures that it doesn’t freeze or overheat in extreme temperatures by having a freezing point of -43 deg C and a boiling point of 132 deg C. This coolant is also a combination of water and ethylene glycol in equal parts.

The Mazda FL22 is an exceptional antifreeze, but it’s quite a challenge finding it these days. Aside from being produced by a reputable brand, the Mazda FL22 also doesn’t require mixing, has an extended life, inhibits rusts, and manages temperature fluctuations. It won’t harm the rubber components’ cooling system as well since it doesn’t contain silicates.