Royal Purple vs Mobil 1 – Which is Better?

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Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are popular engine oils. Both of them are high-performance synthetic motor oils that are a little more expensive but give excellent results. What are the differences between Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1? Which is the better option?

Motor oils such as Royal Purple and Mobil 1 ensure good engine performance and only need to be changed yearly. Their formulations are what distinguishes them. Which one is better is mainly determined by where and how you will use it.

Some motorists say Royal Purple is better due to its outstanding qualities. They claim that Royal Purple’s high performance exceeds what Mobil 1 can provide. Others, however, argue that Mobil 1 is better since it improves the car’s fuel economy and quality of ride.

Read on to know more about Mobil 1 vs Royal Purple, their pros and cons, features, and which one is better.

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Which Is Better: Royal Purple vs Mobil 1

Mobil 1 and Royal Purple are leading motor oil brands. Both can protect the engines of different vehicles. However, because of their excellent qualities, many car owners find it challenging to select between Mobil 1 and Royal Purple.

The Annual Protection Ultimate Full Synthetic Oil is from Mobil 1, and the High-Performance Synthetic Motor Oil is from Royal Purple. Both of these synthetic motor oils are superb. They are both manufactured and endorsed by well-known and trusted brands.

It’s rather difficult to know which one is ideal for your car. Some argue that Royal Purple is superior due to its exceptional features. Others will say Mobil 1 since it has the potential to improve engine protection and performance.

When it comes to the Royal Purple vs. Mobil 1 topic, it’s important to know what they’re made of and how they’re different from each other. Knowing their features and differences should help you determine which one is best for your vehicle. Because motor oil is so important to the efficient performance of your cars’ engine, you must research thoroughly.

Mobil 1

royal purple vs mobil 1

Over the last four decades, Mobil 1 has earned the reputation of being a synthetic motor oil innovator. It’s still one of the best motor oils for strengthening and lubricating all types of engines. Because of its capability to boost engine efficiency and lengthen service life, Mobil 1 has maintained its prominence over the years.

Annual Oil

Mobil 1 is also known as annual oil, as it only needs to be changed once a year. It’s a 100% synthetic oil with special SuperSyn protection that protects engines in extreme temperatures. It improves the life of an engine by preventing sludge and deposits from forming inside.

Patented Formula

Mobil 1 is a patented synthetic oil that meets all of the standards. Its innovative formula includes a high-quality base oil as well as a special additive package. Sludge and soot can be removed and dissolved with this lubricant.

Mobil 1’s components and lubricating qualities do not degrade over time. Even under the most adverse conditions, the chemical components in the patented formula remain unchanged.

Boosts Engine Performance

Mobil 1 can also help improve riding comfort and engine performance. And with a mileage rating of 15,000 miles per change, you can drive your vehicle throughout the year without worrying about oil changes – regardless of your driving style.

Better Frictional Properties

The frictional qualities of this motor oil have been improved. It aids in the improvement of the engine’s fuel efficiency, increasing the number of miles your vehicle can go on 1 gallon of gas. And Mobil oil does more than merely keep your car engine cool in hot weather. It also protects the engine in cold weather. This motor oil will also help the engine to start quickly during a cold start-up.

All in all, this motor oil will improve the oxidation and thermal stability of your engine. It keeps the engine running like new by delivering excellent wear protection and cleaning power. Unfortunately, performance filters are not included in Mobil 1. An oil filter must be purchased separately. Mobil, on the other hand, sells oil filters.


  • Can last 18,000 miles per oil change, so you’ll only need one oil change annually
  • Manufactured from a well-established and reliable brand
  • It’s more affordable than its competitors
  • Has additional detergents for cleaning the engine


  • It does not improve mpg so much
  • Performance filter isn’t included
  • Only recommended for vehicles that often run through the highways
  • Not much improvement in the quality of ride

Royal Purple

royal purple versus mobil 1

Royal Purple specializes in automotive, industrial, marine, and racing lubricants. This company is also based in the U.S. The Royal Purple 5W-30 is one of its most popular products. This lubricant is purple in color, as the name suggests. The addition of a thermochromic pigment, which turns amber when the oil heats up, gives it this color.

Synerlec Additive Technology

This oil has special Synerlec Additive technology as well as various performance filters that make it stable and resistant to oxidation. Because of this, the engine creates fewer deposits. Engine deposits are even obliterated by this motor oil. This technology, along with a synthetic oil blend, efficiently decreases engine heat and wear.

Since it minimizes friction and enhances combustion efficiency, this lubricant boosts engine power. Additionally, it boosts engine horsepower and torque by 3 to 5% more than other conventional and synthetic oils.

Very Cohesive

Royal Purple motor oil has high cohesiveness and adheres to metal surfaces even after the engine has been turned off. During cold start-up, this gives additional protection to the metal inside the cylinder.

Patented Wear Additives

It possesses proprietary wear additives that decrease the potentially hazardous effects of fuel gas vapors. This lubricant is quite compatible with ethanol-containing synthetic and mineral oils. So switching from other motor oil brands to Royal Purple will not be an issue.

Royal Purple also includes performance filters, as previously mentioned. This implies that your vehicle’s engine has been enhanced with additional filtration protection. Only clean engine oil will be allowed into the combustion chambers of the engine, thanks to these filters.


Royal Purple is API-certified and provides great engine protection while also improving engine performance. It complies with the majority of car, light truck, and SUV warranty requirements.

It provides a higher level of protection for car engines than its closest competitors. This is the primary reason for its higher price than its main rivals. Its claims are backed up by actual results as well.

Professional engine builders and racing teams have testified that using the Royal Purple motor oil has resulted in extended engine life and increased power. This motor lubricant protects and improves the performance of gasoline and diesel engines.


  • Annual oil change only
  • Up to 15,000 miles per oil change
  • Increased miles per gallon
  • For a wide range of vehicles
  • Extends the life span of the engine
  • Improves ignition start-up (especially during cold weather)
  • Good for a wide range of vehicles, including diesel and gasoline engines, cars, trucks, and lawnmowers, among others
  • Improves ride quality


  • The makers can still improve the packaging
  • More expensive than its competitors

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 – Similarities and Differences

Royal Purple and Mobil 1 have several similarities:


  1. Both carry the latest API (American Petroleum Institute) and ILSAC (International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee) engine oil licenses.
  2. Both have been granted GM Dexos 1, GM’s prevailing global specifications for gasoline engine oils.
  3. Both are high-quality synthetic motor oils.
  4. They’re both warrantied for five years.


They do, however, differ in several ways:

1. Their Additives Are Different

Royal Purple’s Synerlec Additive technology with performance filters offers protection against engine wear, oil foaming, rusting and corrosion, and engine breakdown. It has the capability to monitor and control the oil flow, as well as catch, clean, and eliminate impurities.

As a result, the vehicle will not feel sluggish or heavy. The car’s mileage per gallon improves, and the ride quality also improves, becoming smoother and quieter.

Mobil 1 also has its own SuperSyn engine protection, which combines a blend of high-performance synthetic oil with an additional component system to offer outstanding engine protection. This combination also aids the engine’s performance.

Mobil 1’s additive technology makes the oil film much stronger than its competitors. It’s a one-time solution for performance filtering. Mobil 1 outperforms its competition in this area.

2. Different Results in the Thermo-Oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test

When these two leading motor oils were put through the TOEOS test, the results were different. This test, at high temperatures, is used to determine the number of oil deposits. When heated, motor oils and other lubricants typically form deposits.

When left unchecked, these deposits will impair the vehicle’s efficiency and overall performance. This is an essential factor to consider with the rise of turbocharged engines and direct fuel injection.

mobil 1 versus royal purple

Here are the results of the test: Royal Purple had a deposit weight of 10 out of a hundred. In contrast, Mobil 1 produced a deposit weight of 49 out of 100. Royal Purple, as you can see, has a lot fewer deposits than Mobil 1. As a result, in this Royal Purple Oil vs. Mobil comparison, Royal Purple is the better choice.

3. Different Oil Change Intervals

Royal Purple recommends a 15,000-mile oil change interval for its motor oil. Every 18,000 miles, Mobil advises changing its Mobil 1 lubricant. Many motor oil manufacturers, on the other hand, advise an oil change interval of merely 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

This is one of the benefits of fully synthetic oils. Their components have been improved to provide increased mileage up to a year before the oil needs to be replaced. The frequency of oil changes is also influenced by the driver’s driving habits.

Mobil 1 is the better engine lubricant in this regard because it has more miles than Royal Purple.

Mobil 1 and Royal Purple

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Royal Purple 51530 High Performance Motor Oil 5W-30 (5QT)

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This motor oil provides superior wear protection, increased LSPI protection, and improved fuel efficiency. It comes in plastic containers that hold 160 fluid ounces. LSPI is an acronym for Low-Speed Pre-Ignition.

Mobil 1

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Under various operating circumstances, Mobil 1 Extended Performance 5W-30 Motor Oil provides excellent lubrication and wear protection. Its high-tech, full synthetic composition helps prevent sludge from forming inside the engine. It’s available in plastic containers containing 160 fluid ounces of lubricant.

Conclusion – Mobil 1 vs Royal Purple – Which One Is Better?

Both Royal Purple and Mobil 1 are designed to be changed only once a year and keep your engine running smoothly. Their components and formulas are what set them apart. Determining which of them is better primarily depends on how and where they will be used.

In some applications and situations, Royal Purple may be preferable to Mobil 1. However, the same could be said of Mobil 1.

Mobil 1 may also perform better than Royal Purple. It depends on your driving habits and preferences as well.