Who Makes Interstate Batteries [Interstate Battery Review]

Interstate Batteries is a well-known battery manufacturer. They are dependable and reasonably priced. Who makes them is a question that many people have. So, who makes Interstate Batteries?

Brookfield Business Partners and Exide Technologies are the manufacturers of Interstate Batteries. These batteries are sold by the Interstate Battery System of America, Inc., a privately owned battery distribution and marketing company in the United States.

Johnson Controls manufactures 65 percent of Interstate Batteries, according to a previous report. This, however, is no longer the case. Johnson Controls does not currently manufacture these batteries. Brookfield and Exide Technologies have already taken over this job.

Read on to know more about who makes Interstate Batteries and the many types of Interstate Batteries, including their expected lifespan.

Who Makes Interstate Batteries? [Plus Interstate Battery Review]

who makes interstate batteries

Interstate Batteries are made by Brookfield Business Partners and Exide Technologies in partnership with Interstate Battery System of America, Inc. Johnson Controls was previously responsible for 60 percent of Interstate Batteries’ production. These batteries are currently manufactured by Brookfield and Exide.

These batteries are sold and distributed by Interstate Battery System of America, Inc. through independent distributors across the United States. There have been rumors that these batteries are created in China in the past. This, however, is false. Who makes Interstate Batteries? In the United States, Brookfield and Exide manufacture nearly 98 percent of Interstate Batteries.

The headquarters of Interstate Batteries are in Dallas, Texas. It has a distributor network that provides batteries to over 200,000 dealers. There are also distributors in various regions of the world, such as:

  • Bolivia,
  • Canada,
  • Bermuda,
  • Nicaragua,
  • Panama,
  • The Dominican Republic,
  • Guyana,
  • Guatemala,
  • Haiti, and
  • Honduras.

Interstate Batteries also has over 200 franchise retail and corporate store locations. Marine/RV, garden, lawn, motorbike, and mobility batteries are among the products it supplies via its network of distributors.

When it teamed up with Studebaker, it gave the business a boost. Since its founding in 1952, it has developed into a multibillion-dollar privately owned company. Aside from producing one of the most dependable automobile batteries, this company has evolved into a leading battery recycler, selling thousands upon thousands of recycled batteries.

The factories that produce Interstate Batteries are spread out across the country. Some of the most well-known plants are in Southern California and Louisiana, while others are in Mexico.

Interstate Batteries Battery Types

Interstate Batteries are one of the most well-known brands of car batteries, according to many customer reviews. Interstate, on the other hand, isn’t just a car battery manufacturer. This company makes different battery types for various applications.

These batteries are well-known for their excellent performance and sturdy construction. Interstate manufactures the following types of batteries:

Types of General Interstate Batteries

1. MTX Battery Line

This battery line can meet, if not surpass, your vehicle’s starting requirements. It’s not an AGM battery, but it can provide long-lasting power in AGM-related applications. AGM is a type of battery that uses an absorbent glass mat to retain the battery fluid instead of the plates used in regular batteries.

2. MT Battery Line

This is another non-AGM battery with a standard life span. It delivers standard performance for cars and trucks in moderate to hot climates.

3. MTP Battery Line

In moderate to cold climates, the MTP battery line, which is not an AGM battery, provides the longest battery life and high-cranking performance.

4. M Battery Line

This battery has plenty of cranking power. It is also great for those who want to get the most bang for their buck. It’s capable of delivering a lot of cranking power.

5. MTZ Battery Line

This battery is capable of providing long-lasting power for modern cars with the most up-to-date accessories. It will suit drivers who use GPS, phone chargers, DVD players, and other similar gadgets.

6. AGM Battery Line

This battery was designed with Powersport applications in mind. It’s also sealed, spill-proof, and includes an acid pack. The battery will be permanently sealed once filled with acid. It is not necessary to fill it with water or to regularly check the liquid level.

7. Marine RV Battery Line

This battery has the best performance in the outdoors. It will provide customers with the same level of comfort as they have at home, as well as provide all of the power that their high-demand electronics require.

8. Marine Battery Line

This battery can be used for starting, deep-cycling, or a combination of the two. It is the most long-lasting and durable battery available.

Specific Types of Interstate Battery Models

who manufactures interstate batteries

Here are some of Interstate Batteries’ specific car battery models. They can generate 800 cold-cranking amps on average. Their CCAs total between 900 and 1000. As a result, they have a higher power output than other battery brands:

1. SLA 1055, 5Ah

This is a 12-volt Lead Acid AGM battery designed to be leak-free. It charges batteries with a constant voltage, constant current (CV/CC) system. It does not require any maintenance because it is an AGM battery.

2. DCM0035, 35 Ah

This is a 12V deep cycle battery perfect for those who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. This battery, when combined with a solar power system, can offer off-grid power. It can also be incorporated into a hybrid energy system at home.

Since it is compact and easy to transport, this battery can power a trolling motor. The battery’s hard plastic cover is also durable, protecting the battery’s internal components from vibration and shocks.

3. CTR 10A Internal Battery

If you regularly top up the liquid in this 6-volt battery, it will last a long time. It can generate 10 amperes (amp), allowing it to last twice as long as comparable brands. Its interior parts are protected by a strong plastic casing. This battery is perfect for powering your security system at home.

4. SLA 35 Ah

This battery is another Interstate AGM battery. It is a better option than ordinary batteries because of its application range and durability. This is a maintenance-free deep cycle battery. Because it’s made using high-quality materials, this battery has a long lifespan. It also has the capability to handle deep discharge applications.

The Best of Interstate Batteries

Many Interstate Battery reviews suggest that 3 batteries have won the approval of the majority of car owners:

1. Interstate Battery 12 volts, 35 Ah

This is a small conventional battery perfect for powering small motors.

2. Interstate Battery 12 volts, 75 Ah

This is a maintenance-free and spill-proof AGM battery with VRLA technology.

3. Interstate Battery 12 volts, 110 Ah

This is also a spill-proof and maintenance-free deep cycle AGM battery.

Warranty of Interstate Batteries

A new Interstate Battery is backed by a one-year warranty. Interstate Batteries, on the other hand, seems to give a 75-month warranty, as their limited warranty provision says. It appears that batteries with a total warranty of 75 months can be replaced without charge (except for legislatively imposed fees and taxes, if applicable).

Expect the battery to last a long if you use it regularly. The battery life can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years if used correctly and properly cared for. You should always top up non-AGM batteries’ battery fluid as well as inspect and clean them regularly.

Are All Interstate Batteries Free from Maintenance?

Interstate’s batteries aren’t completely maintenance-free. AGM batteries do not require maintenance; however, non-AGM batteries should be topped up and checked on a regular basis. But under normal conditions, you can consider them all to be maintenance-free.

To retain their optimum performance, standard deep cycle models need regular watering.

Interstate Batteries – Durability

An Interstate Battery will typically last 3 to 5 years, depending on how it is used and cared for, including its exposure to extreme environments. Also, how long the car battery lasts is largely determined by driving habits.

You can’t expect the battery to live longer than a battery used in normal, non-stressful conditions if the car is often driven in extreme conditions. Interstate Batteries, on the other hand, are well-known for their extended life and durability.

Interstate Batteries – Pros and Cons

maker of interstate batteries

You can assess the worth of Interstate Batteries by looking at their advantages and disadvantages. Every product has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Interstate Batteries have the following pros and cons:


  • All Interstate battery models come at a fair price.
  • You can get the most suitable battery for your vehicle always. There’s a wide range of battery models that Interstate offers to consumers.
  • Interstate is a recycler of batteries. It’s a company that ensures the reuse of the lead and acid of old batteries. This means they do their part in keeping the environment free of pollutants.
  • Interstate Batteries are housed in durable, thick plastic casings.
  • All batteries are easily maintained, and its AGM batteries are all maintenance-free.
  • Their batteries don’t discharge quickly and can provide long-lasting service.
  • Interstate Batteries are also compact and portable. They’re easy to mount and dismount.
  • It’s associated with the American Automobile Association (AAA), making it a reputable and trustworthy brand.
  • It provides timely service to customers who need their attention.
  • Accessories and battery equipment are available in every distributor of Interstate Batteries. The company provides the element of convenience, which means a lot to consumers.
  • There’s no need to show proof of purchase before customers are provided with their needed service.
  • Customer service is excellent, and they don’t ask for appointments before a customer gets the service they require. The crew and service staff are knowledgeable and competent. They provide adequate help to their customers. And once a customer enters their store, they can expect quality service and care.


  • The terms of the warranty are sometimes unclear.
  • There are some distributors that do not offer good warranty service. Some even fail to offer warranty services, resulting in customer losses. 
  • There are some Interstate Batteries that expire before their warranties.
  • Poor customer service may be given by fresh hires. They’re not well briefed on the values that the Interstate Batteries hold and maintain. This gives the brand a bad reputation.

Is It Worth It to Buy Interstate Batteries?

Some industry observers argue that Interstate Batteries aren’t the greatest of the bunch and that they’re not the type of battery that can be recommended as the best. While this may be true, there’s no doubt that these batteries consistently rank among the top ten best automotive batteries available in the United States today.

Interstate Batteries has consistently ranked first or second in Consumer Reports’ lists of top automotive batteries in the US.

Since 1952, Interstate Batteries has been a leader in the battery industry. During its six decades of operation, it has amassed a large network of over 200,000 dealers around the country. Interstate Batteries are presently sold in around 200 corporate and franchise outlets worldwide.

Battery manufacturers like Brookfield and Exide have chosen this company to market and distribute their batteries, indicating that it is a trustworthy firm.

These batteries are well worth your money because they are often inexpensive, give strong cranking performance, and are typically long-lasting. You will also be free from the usual battery maintenance tasks if you choose the AGM versions.

Conclusion – Who Makes Interstate Batteries? [Plus Interstate Battery Review]

Interstate Batteries are made by Brookfield Business Partners and Exide Technologies, with Interstate Battery System of America, Inc. marketing them. The company is a privately owned battery distribution and marketing firm.

Interstate Batteries, particularly the AGM ones, are known for their low maintenance, extended life, and reliable cranking power. These batteries are well worth the investment.

The following are the general types of Interstate batteries for your reference:

  1. MTX Battery Line
  2. MT Battery Line
  3. M Battery Line
  4. MTZ Battery Line
  5. MTP Battery Line
  6. AGM Battery Line
  7. Marine RV Battery Line
  8. Marine Battery Line

Interstate Batteries have been producing high-quality batteries for many years. They were also able to maintain their position as one of the most dependable battery brands. Interstate Batteries are a good choice if you need a car battery or any battery for that matter.